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Shipping Your


Your puppy can be shipped to you but you need to know the following...
Shipping Information

We can ship our puppies anywhere in Canada that WestJet Cargo delivers.  Cost can vary depending on the province.  You can contact WestJet Cargo @ 1-866-952-2746 for pricing, or we can provide a price. 

The cost for shipping is approximately 650, per puppy. This includes Airline
cost, puppy kennel for shipping and delivery to Halifax Airport. It’s
approximately 500 km return from Green Acres to Halifax Airport.

A Few other options would be to fly to Halifax, and we will bring the puppy to the airport for you, and you can bring the puppy on the plane with you.  (Only $250 extra to drop off at airport).


Petsgo is another option they can arrange to pick the puppy up at the Kennel and ship anywhere in Canada.  You can email them at for prices and details.


For puppies going to Newfoundland we been sending most with a trucker this is the most cost efficient. Cost is approximately 300 and the trucker will meet at a convenient location between Port Aux Basques Ferry and St. Johns NL.

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