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Are You Ready

For A Puppy?

These are some things you should consider before you get a puppy...
Puppy Considerations


Our dogs aren’t your typical dog breeds. They are often a cross between two of the most intelligent dog breeds. Goldendoodles especially are very smart and highly social dogs. They need to be intellectually stimulated and properly trained.


As the owner, you determine what kind of dog you ultimately have. Their high level of intelligence can lead to being bored.

  • Money: Financially are you prepared? The cost of purchase, vet bills, food, grooming supplies

  • Food and Water: Fresh water should be available at all times

  • Shelter: It is encouraged to give your puppy a crate he or she can call their own.

  • Exercise: Walking is important part of exercise

  • Training: Making a commitment to train your Goldendoodle to behave properly at home, when guests arrive and out in the public.

  • Health Care: Regular check ups with your veterinarian

  • Socialization and Play Time: Interaction with other dogs, children and adults is important

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